Hump Day

Well it’s Wednesday – “hump day” as we call it here. No, it’s because it’s in the middle of the week, now get your mind out of the gutter.

It’s a beautiful sunny day, albeit 30 degrees with snow on the ground. I’m up and writing and feeling pretty good. A little light headed today but what else is new? Not going to let it stop me.

I’m still working on that third blog. It is going to be a commercial site (meaning it will have ads) and have to do with helping married couples rekindle their relationships. But there is still much designing to do and a whole lot of writing before it can go online.

I drove my wife to work this morning. I always feel a little guilty sending her off when I am retired but she’s a trooper. I still keep the “gratefulness coin” in my pocket that I mentioned in a previous blog post and she is one of the main things I think of when I touch it.

Anyway, wish me luck. It’s day 4 of 2017 so I’ve got 361 days to complete my goals. That sounds like a lot but it ain’t. At my age a year seems to fly by.

Good luck with your goals for 2017.

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