Turkey cartoonI hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving. Mine was great. My wife, kids, kids-in-law, and grandkids were all there. Our tiny house was crammed full of family and love.

My wife and I are called Amma and Afi. That’s Icelandic for Grandma and Grandpa. We’ve reached that point in life where we can relax and enjoy all we have. Of course, everyone should do that regardless of age but it is twice as good when the demands of life are less and there is time for contemplation and appreciation. Even Leuk was far from my mind that day.

Leukemia has a way of making me appreciate what I have. My perceived limitation of time until ‘D-day’ makes me even more focused on the blessings at hand. So much of the stuff that really matters, the really important stuff that my formally busy life kept me from appreciating, is now at the forefront. Life is good.

I say that despite the leukemia. There are of course days when Leuk brings me down and I get into a real pity party, but most days not.

Thanksgiving Day comes around every November to make us stop and be grateful for what we have. Leuk is always with us but he can’t take who we are away. Not if we focus on being grateful.

I hope that day brought you a healing moment of thankfulness too.

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