Awesome day yesterday. Watched my youngest grandson most of the day. We played Hide the Smurfs – taking turns hiding his two Smurfs and doing the “hot” and “cold” thing to help find them. We played a game dreamed up by my grandson called George of the Jungle. You took turns asking questions about George. In the beginning, his rule was if you missed a question you were out, but I explained that since there was only two of us it would be a very short game. So we decided instead to give a point for every wrong answer. whomever reached 5 points would lose. Well, my grandson was keeping score and somehow I always seemed to get to 5 after only a couple misses! We read, watched Back to the Future I & III, and he’d giggle and laugh when I’d pull an invisible tickle out of one of my pockets and chase him down with it.

I had to email some photos to my real estate agent so we drove to the deli. I don’t have internet at home – we live out in the boonies – so I drive 3 miles to use the WIFI at the deli. I also have to go there or elsewere to publish these posts. Anyway, Josh was a perfect kid, watching the food channel while I emailed and did some phone calls.

Back home we had ice creme and lunch; yes, in that order. Hey, I’m a grandpa, I get away with those things!

After he went home, I watched a few episodes of The Closer, took a short nap and then went to work.

It was a great day. Leuk never showed up once.

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    • Thanks, Jaimi. I usually add a new post every week day (I take weekends off; we famous writers are soooo over-worked)

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