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Had a good doctor visit yesterday. It turns out my vertigo is caused by a problem with my right ear and not leukemia, a tumor, or some other horrid thing. She has given me a prescription for a very low dose of Valium. I won’t be taking it often – only if I feel a major spell coming on. Apparently the Valium fiddles with the spot in my brain that handles stability so I can go on with my day. And she said the dosage is so low it won’t make me drowsy.

My only question is, why didn’t they figure this out sooner?

I still have the leukemia and the cause of the vertigo is not fixed, but I can actually get on with my life without tipping over!

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  1. Darla Vizina says:

    Just found this blog … all entries from the beginning to august2012 so far….I def appreciate the humor and your outlook on things… husband was diagnosed with aml in July this year….its been a loooong road, we r actually in the hospital now fighting an infection…..not good times…anyway, I don’t know you but appreciate you and this blog… really hit home 😉

    • Jim says:

      Thank you, Darla. I’m glad you found my blog. I hope your husband beats that infection and gets out of the hospital soon. I’m so sorry to hear about his AML; that’s a tough one. I know his illness is not just his, but it is profoundly yours as well. Perhaps its even harder for the spouse of someone with cancer. But hang on to hope and, to paraphrase Paul, fight the good fight. Godspeed. (PS – Keep in touch if you can. Let us know how you both are doing)

      • Darla Vizina says:

        Hi Jim……this has been a rough one for Donavon…..he has been in for 9 days now….fever finally broke on Monday, so I decided to come home ( he is 3hrs away) to be with our son (he is three …he wears his heart on his sleeve…even more so now that we have had to spend so much time away from him the last 5 mos) thought he was in the clear but started spiking fevers again overnight. Sometimes he can’t catch a break…but is without a doubt handling it better than I would. His wbc is rising back to norm slowly (he had his last round of consolidation chemo at the beginning of the month)…so docs seem to think the fever is now bc of his body trying to get back to normal….let’s pray that’s why..
        He is so ready to be home and we are ready to have him back…..I went to e.r. today with terrible anxiety attacks which started a few days ago, I’ve been his caregiver this whole time and have been proud of myself but I guess everyone has a breaking point…..I know its ok to break but its dissapointing….thought I was doing good and would get thru it without a breakdown….so much for that
        I am heading to bed now, will read a few more of ur posts and try to get up to date with u 🙂
        Hope to talk soon 🙂

        • Jim says:

          Hi Darla. This has all been so rough on you. I’m so sorry. Don’t feel bad about ‘breaking down’ – trying to be too strong and never letting yourself cry will tear you apart and make it even harder to cope. And… anxiety attacks are nothing to be ashamed of. Frankly you deserve them. The whole thing is one big anxiety party for everyone – especially you. And balancing your husband’s and son’s needs is more than I can imagine. If you don’t mind a slang term from my generation… You sound like one tough broad! I’m proud of you.

  2. Nellie says:

    Good, glad that’s figured out.

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