I’ve just visited a good friend at the hospital. He had an A-Fib (Atrial Fibrillation). As it turns out, he will be fine. Despite his delay (he actually played golf first!!), they got him in soon enough to prevent a stroke or other complication.

It would have hurt big-time to lose him. He’s one of those friends that seem more like a brother. (Albeit an insane, I’ll-smack-you-if-you-ever-play-golf-again-during-heart-palpitations, type brother.)

We imagine we’re attached to a strong cable, but it’s moments like these, when we find ourselves at the hospital, wearing gowns which continually fall open in the back, that we are reminded of the thin thread we all dangle by.

If any of us dealing with Leuk think we have the corner on tough times, we need only look around us to see the truth.

Everybody’s terminal. So get over it.

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