I once asked a woman who had survived breast cancer what helped her during her ordeal. She said, “have goals, especially long-term ones.”

So here are mine:

Goals for 2017

Goal % done of each step
Publish short novel Drafts 1,2,3,4,& 5: 100%, Editing: 100%, Rewrite: 1%, Publish: 0%
Publish children’s book Writing: 100%, Illustrations: 5%, Publish: 0%
Publish commercial blog online Design: 90%, Writing: 1%, Develop affiliates: 0%, Place ads: 0%, Publish online: 0%
write posts for www.meandleuk.com Ongoing
write posts for www.nonlinearbrain.com Ongoing
Complete 50 weeks of exercise training Done so far 0%,
Complete drum course Done so far 1%,
Form band Done so far 0%,


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