Having a good day today. Only slight dizziness that went away this afternoon. It is probably not caused by Leuk, but it is one of the side effects he likes to lay on ya.

I’m still not having to do chemo, but I feel the time is near. White blood cell count continues to rise. I’m having blood tests in a few weeks so we’ll see. Other than being tired, I’m feeling good.

It’s odd trying to explain to people who don’t have leukemia what my life is like. It is definitely a surprise at first (to say the least!), but soon becomes a part of your life. Although you’d prefer that Leuk leave, at some point he moves into the extra bedroom and you get used to having him around. I just wish he’d quit raiding my fridge, drinking my beer, and hoarding the remote.

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One thought on “Getting used to Leuk

  1. I appreciate how elegantly you are dealing with this. If I could do it for you, you know I would. I love you more than you’ll ever know. ;( You are, and always will be, my white knight. It is an honor to love you, live with you and be with you as we deal with leuk together.

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