drummerI’m practicing my drumming again. Since my vertigo issues seem to be beat, I might go for a gig with a church or other venue.

I taught myself basic drumming when I once played for a christian band, but now I want to learn more seriously. So I bought a set of good lesson DVDs called the Drumming System and I’m trying to put in an hour each day.

I was never real proficient on the drums so I’m hoping this effort will make me more comfortable and better at keeping time.

Right now I’m learning how to count 32nd notes and reviewing music notation and theory.

It’s fun to be hitting the skins again.

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2 thoughts on “Getting more serious about drumming

  1. Jim,
    I grew up playing the accordion and went on to a 40+ year career as a private music teacher. My younger brother was a drummer. He used to like practice his bongos out by the garden. However, one day my dad got upset with him and told him to stop beating around the bush.

    OK, I made that last part up! I know how much you love puns and play on words! LOL But yeah, we both grew up as musicians and eventually played together in a band doing weddings, banquets and various social gatherings.

    Speaking of play on words, this next one is actually a TRUE story.

    As talkative as I seem to be online, in person I’m pretty quiet and like to keep to myself. I really dislike senseless small talk, especially the elevator kind. Unfortunately, I live on the 23rd floor of a high rise condo, so I do A LOT of elevator time.

    So the other day, one of my chatty neighbors gets on and starts yammering about the weather. Suddenly she asks me, “Do you know what it’s supposed to be tonight?”

    I replied, “I heard it’s supposed to be dark.”

    It’s a good thing we had reached her floor. I don’t think she had anything more to say to me! LOL

    Still, I think I’ve got a ways to go to match some of your humor! Keep smiling Jim! Laughter really IS the best medicine!

    All the best from Toronto,

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