Yesterday we had a short visit with good friends. They live in another state so we only see them when they travel north. That means a lot of years between times.

It seems though that friendship isn’t based on how often you see someone. Real friendship isn’t hindered by distance or time.

We had lunch at a quaint cafe in old town, then spent time at the local seaside park. It was non-stop talking until the very few hours had pasted and they went on their way. We probably won’t see them for another 5 years or more.

Their vacation took them from Martinez, California to Seattle, Washington. We live almost 2 hours north of Seattle. They drove the 90 miles to see us for only three hours then drove 90 miles back to Seattle.

It was good to see you guys. Next time we see each other we’ll be a little older, a little grayer, but still good friends.

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