Found mystery step-brother

Yesterday I managed to locate a step-brother I’d never met. I spoke to him and his wife for a long time on the phone. They have a photo of my birth father. Since I have no memory of what my father looked like (I was 3 when he divorced my mother) the photo will mean a lot to me.

It turns out I actually have two step-brothers, a third has passed away. I hope to meet with them very soon. I found them when I looked up my father’s grave memorial on The family from my father’s second marriage was listed there. It took a bit of internet searching to find my step-brother’s phone number but I finally did.

I’ve often written on this blog of the importance of family. Now I get to extend that family. Wow. I never thought that could happen. I’ve always had a hole in my heart not having known my birth father. I hope to meet with them and get to know my father through the eyes of his step-son.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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