It’s time again for my lab work. I was worried this time because I’ve been tired. I normally do the test every three months but I’ve had a cold on and off and I knew it would throw off the white blood cell count. So I waiting until the last test just before my doctors appointment.

Fortunately my numbers are still relatively stable. The white blood cell count is a bit higher but still within that “plateau” I’ve talked about before. My numbers, though bouncing up and down, started leveling out back in November 2013. So here they are.

White blood cells: 72.6, Red blood cells: 4.15, Platelets: 438, Lymphocytes: 68.2.

To see a history of my blood test from the beginning, click on “Score Card” in the menu.

If you want to see a chart of my overall blood count history, just click the image below:

Blood Test Chart 2017

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