Are you like me? Do you enjoy movies? Are they as good an escape for you as they are for me? When I watch one I like to turn up the sound and completely give myself over to the world of film.

I might as well get this over with right now… I’m a Trekkie (or, as some prefer, a Trekkor) which means I’m a Star Trek junkie. I’m also a big fan of superhero movies… Superman, Spidey, Batman, Daredevil, Thor, etc. etc. etc. – oh and of course Electra… for obvious reasons, she’s every man’s favorite superhero. Heck, us guys would watch even if she didn’t have any powers… the costume is enough!

But I like other movies as well, like Apollo 13, Titanic, Avatar, Frequency, Cast Away, Bourne, and Matrix. I also like classics like Mr. Smith goes to Washington, The Wizard of Oz, Harvey, It’s a wonderful life, Casablanca, The Day the Earth Stood Still (The 1950 version, not the 2008 one), Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and more.

My favorite actors are Tom Hanks, Jim Caviezel, Jimmy Stewart, Emma Thompson, Humphrey Bogart, Kathryn Hepburn, Sophia Loren, Ingrid Bergman, and actually so many that this post would be way too long.

My favorite directors: Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, J. J. Abrams, and Ron Howard (remember “Opie” on The Andy Griffith Show?).

I recently saw Saving Mr. Banks… it’s a great true story of the 20 year challenge Walt Disney had to convince the author of Mary Poppins to release the movie rights to her book. It’s not as dry as it sounds. You’ll laugh and cry. If you’ve ever seen the movie Mary Poppins (who hasn’t), then you must see this. It’s worth the price of a theater ticket.

Anyway, what I’m getting around to is this. Movies are a great way to inspire, pick up your spirits, enthrall you, and put Leuk away for awhile.

Sometimes escape is a good thing.

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2 thoughts on “Escape at the movies

  1. I’ve wondered about seeing that movie. Now I definitely will! Have you ever watched the tv show from Britain, “Doc Martin”? Chuck and I love it. The humor is understated at times and very overt at others. Six seasons; I gave Chuck the sixth disc for Christmas, and we just finished it. Too bad we don’t live closer or I’d loan it to you and Willie!

    • No we’ve not seen it. I’ll tell Willie about it. Perhaps we can get part of the series at the library or through NetFlix. We don’t do TV anymore, so we watch movies and TV shows on disc. We’ll try to track it down. Willie is a big fan of British dramas and comedies.

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