Feeling good today, even though the dizziness hasn’t gone away for long. It skipped a day and now it’s back. But I’m managing to get around – Dramamine is a great thing to have in your pocket!!

Life is good. Finances are tight but looking better.

One thing I do need to do is get more sleep. When I don’t get enough, it’s hard to tell if my problems are Leuk related or just plain old stupidity on my part. I’m thinking the latter. I’ve been stupid about getting sleep most of my life.

I have a blood test coming up in June and I’ll see my oncologist in Feb next year. I’m guessing he’ll chew me out for not going to bed earlier!

Anyway, other than dizziness, and a whole lot of yawning, I’m doing fine.

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3 thoughts on “Dramamine to the rescue!

  1. Ken can’t see very well (diabetes) so he doesn’t drive. Anyway, we had to get the truck at the mechanics so I drove us in, and Ken was suppose to drive the car home. He was to follow real close and he said he could do it. We discussed going to the store to get dinner. So I turn the corner and a couple cars got between us. I crossed hwy 2 (the one that goes over Steven’s Pass) then turned into Albertson’s shopping mall. I looked back and see Ken driving past. I think, that rat has gone home so he wouldn’t have to shop. So I shop, go home and to my horror, he isn’t there. I wait and wait, but no Ken. I can’t call the cops cause he doesn’t have a driver’s license. Finally I called my neighbors and I was to stay home by the phone and they were going to go look for him. Just before they take off, Ken drives in the driveway. Very white faced and scared looking. It seems he took a road going parallel to Hwy 2 going East. He said everytime he looked up at a sign he’d run off the road, so he just looked straight in front of him. He finally dropped down onto Hwy 2 but turned left instead of right. When he finally got to Gold Bar (just before climbing to go over the pass) and realised where he was. …… I tell him I’m going to have to tie him to a tree so he won’t wander off. FML. He does make my life interesting.

    • Nellie, you are one of the bravest people I know. I guess we just keep doing what we can… Not much choice otherwise. Tell Ken we love him… and tell him to stay off the road! We want him in one piece!

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