Well, here I am on-line in my car in a grocery store parking lot, dizzy. Really dizzy. Good thing I’m only 3 miles from home. I’ll be traveling on a country road with little or no traffic.

I think Leuk’s hitting me. Not sure. My dizziness seems to happen when I haven’t had enough sleep. Somewhere on this blog I’ve already mentioned that.

I got out of my car to walk into a bank and my legs staggered and crossed. I looked like a drunk man. Oddly enough I was able to drive. I don’t drive when this happens, but I was already away from home so I didn’t have a choice.

As you can see, I’m able to type and think straight so I don’t think it’s a stroke. I had to cancel a meeting, two photography shoots, my night job, and a bunch of errands. This hasn’t happen for awhile. It’s very frustrating. The real bummer is, I feel like I’m drunk yet I never had a drink – damn, where’s a rum when I need it. Oh yeah, I don’t drink. I think I’ll take it up!

Anyway, guys, I’m still trying to keep my spirits up. I might be physically sick, but I’ll be damned if I’ll let Leuk make me mentally sick. (Ah, maybe I should stop using that phrase, “I’ll be damned.” The gang upstairs might take me at my word! When the big ‘D’ happens, I’ll want to see Saint Peter and not that other guy!)

If you are dealing with a problem, disease or otherwise, hang on. Tomorrow will be better. Like Little Orphan Annie said, “It’s only a day away.”

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2 thoughts on “Dizzy

    • Thanks, Jan. I hope I don’t sound complaining on this blog. I’m just being honest about my feelings and issues in case, someday, a fellow CLL person reads my blog and gets comfort in not feeling alone.

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