I’ve had that dizziness for the last three days. It went away when they discovered it was being caused by a medication overdose. I don’t have that problem anymore so this must be for another reason. I have not been getting enough sleep lately so perhaps that’s it. I am refusing to believe Leuk is doing it.

Regardless of the dizzies I’m sitting at my desk writing. I figure I can’t fall down if I’m not standing up LOL. Speaking of LOL, I’m not really Laughing Out Loud, just smiling. Maybe there should be an SAL (Smiling A Little).

So, here I go. After this post I’m hitting the book. I hope to write at least 1,000 words today which isn’t much. I should write a lot more than that. We’ll see how it goes.

The snow is still thick outside so I’m not going anywhere which means I have no excuse to not write. Writing is a strange task. At times you really want to do it and at other times it seems like a chore.

So for now I’ll give you Spock’s immortal words:

Live Long and Proper

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