Storm hit today… no it’s not a metaphor… a real storm hit. Not a big one, but winds were strong enough that I decided to check out my boat. It’s moored in a very protected corner of the harbor so all was well.

It’s a gray day outside, but not to worry, I’m feeling good. Had a little dizzy episode this morning. Rested awhile, took my ‘dizzy pills,’ waited for it to subside, and then got on with my day.

Got a fair amount done. Not as much as I’d hoped; the dizzies took up most of my morning. But my attitude is good.

I’m headed home now to watch a movie with my wife. I’m thinking it’s a good idea to spend time with her. Time after all is our most valuable asset.

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2 thoughts on “Dizzy morning, great afternoon

    • We’ve been watching a sorts of movies, including TV series shows. We don’t have cable at home (by choice), so we get DVD’s from the library and NetFliks. Lately we’ve been watching “24.” It’s really intense action – and very good. Other TV shows include “Alphas”, “Home Coming”, various British/Scottish sitcoms. Last night we watched “John Adams,” an excellent program. I highly recommend it.

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