Listen up. This is a personal blog about my personal experiences with Leukemia. I may sometimes talk about things I’m doing to help stay strong and fight the disease. I might tell you something my doctor has told me. I might talk about some new drug or medical procedure. I might give explanations and links regarding medical and scientific terms or treatments.


Nothing I write should be taken as advise or innate medical knowledge. Don’t do anything I say, or for that matter, anything any one else says, without first asking your doctor about it.

If you have leukemia, a lot of well-meaning people are going to tell you to try all sorts of cure-all remedies.  My blog won’t do that. I may talk about what I am doing, but that doesn’t mean I am suggesting you try it.

If I say I’m standing on my head three hours a day because I’ve heard it will help – it doesn’t mean I am suggesting you do it.


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