Getting closer to launch day! The sailboat is cleaned, bottom prepared for painting, scuppers cleared, and my son is fixing the electrical systems tomorrow.

The new outboard has arrived. We’ll be picking it up this Thursday.

She’s an old boat and requires a lot of work but my wife and I will be sailing the islands soon.


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2 thoughts on “Coming along

  1. Hey Jim,
    While I don’t share your love of the water (I get seasick sitting in the tub!), I DO love it when folks have a passion big enough to keep them going long-term. One of the things that has made ALL the difference in my own health is when I committed myself to the ‘100-year-plan’.
    Too many people take on the attitude, “Fight Cancer”, but IMHO I think it’s far better to focus on health and the things that make you feel alive! My belief is that whatever you focus on expands, so if you focus on a ‘fight’, you’ll always be looking over your shoulder for the ‘enemy’.
    Looks like you’ve got your sails set for a good many more years… or should I say, many more GOOD years to come! Congratulations and enjoy your boating!
    All the best from Toronto,
    P.S. I’m about a week away now from my own big ‘launch’.

    • Hi Russ,
      Thanks for sharing your positive philosophy. That’s good advise. I too think focusing on something else other than the disease really helps.

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