ColumbiaBuildingLuke seems to have taken a back seat, making room for leg pain due to a pinched nerve in my back. I think the doctor called it Sciatica. I started a janitorial job but had to quit because of it.

But, I’m not going to let it stop me from an important upcoming event. My son has asked me to participate with him in The Big Climb where we will climb the stairs to the top of the tallest building in Seattle, Washington to raise money for the fight against leukemia.

I’m working out in the gym and climbing the stairs of a small building in my home city.

If the Sciatica springs up during the climb, I plan to continue with Guy’s help. I want to make the full climb despite any problems. Neither Luke or Sci are going to stop me.

I’ll be telling you more about The Big Climb in future posts. I’ll also let you know how you can donate.

Take care.

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