Snow on evergreen treeI hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I’m posting this on Boxing Day because I’ve been away for the season seeing family and away from my computer.

My Christmas was great. We celebrated my son’s birthday and then watched his boys (my grandchildren) for three days relieving him and his wife to do a little traveling. When they got back we exchanged Christmas presents on the eve of Christmas eve. Then traveled back home to spend Christmas with our daughter’s family.

I’ve always appreciated my family. I’ve always loved them. But the leukemia has made my family all the more important to me. Time with them takes precedence over everything.

And guess what. Throughout the whole season I didn’t think of Leuk once. Well, maybe a little bit when I came down with this darn cold. It’s always a little freaky catching a cold when you know your immune systems isn’t what it used to be. But I seem to be getting better so all is well.

Anyway, I hope Christmas was good for you too.


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