Hi all. Yesterday I was kinda tired. But today is great. I’m trying to get my chops back so I can play with a band again. I used to be in a Christian band that played prisons around Washington State. It was a wonderful 8 years with good friends. We wrote and played songs about real life with many different styles from rock ’n roll, to country, blues, and swing. I miss it.

Looks like I will be playing drums again. I got a call from a friend (another member of our former band) to play drums at his church. We will be playing worship music which is a far cry from my other band. I’m not a huge fan of worship music as it can be repetitive and, to me, a bit lifeless. But there are some I do like – e.g., “Your Love is Beautiful.” But having never been to their church I don’t know if that is too ‘rocky’ for them. Well see.

Either way, it gets me back on the drums. They have electric drums which will be a new experience for me. I’ve only used an acoustic set. Oh well, I do like a challenge.

There is another thing… I don’t do the church thing much. In fact it has been a few years since I attended regularly. Perhaps this is God’s sneaky way of getting me back in. Since we will be playing before and after the sermon it will not be possible to leave. So, like those prisoners we played to in my other band, I will be a captive audience.

March 15th will be my first gig with their band. It’s nice to have a project again.

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4 thoughts on “Back on the drums

  1. Hi Jim, I just wondered if the gig took off? Wish I had some music in me. 4 years of tuba did not a musician make.

    • Hey, Tom. You were a great tuba player. Why not start up a tuba band? My drum gig got put off. I went to the church just to see what the service looked like, and had a major vertigo event. Luckily I thought to go prior to the gig date. I called and cancelled for now. I might go for it again when I get rid of this vertigo problem. The doctor thinks it was from too high a dosage of some medicine I take. So he’s lowered my Rx. So far it seems to be working, but I’m not going to make any commitments until I know for sure. Other than that, I’m feeling good. I even did some yard work (damn blackberries.)

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