Hi. Sorry I haven’t written in awhile.

You know that rabbit hole I’ve mentioned before? Normally when I see myself getting too close to it I run the other way. But this time I sat down, dangling my feet over the edge.

Depression is nothing to flirt with though. I was in that hole once and there is no way I’m going back in. But this last couple weeks I got close. Too close.

The writing – my book, my two blogs – stopped. This can happen from time to time for quite normal reasons. But the rabbit hole is different. Maybe I should call it a black hole because depression can suck the creativity right out of you.

The signs where there. I let my hair grow too long, I went for a couple weeks without shaving. And showers, well, lets just say my daily routine skipped a few days – actually more than a few.

I had to laugh though. When I finally did step away from the hole and looked in the mirror, Professor Dumbledore was looking back.  I looked twice my age and that’s saying something since twice my age would be 130.

I do let myself go some times in the shaving department. I mean, when you’re at home by yourself pounding out words on the computer who cares what you look like. I’m sure my wife and kids do but somehow they’ve adjusted to my screwy idiosyncrasies.

This time though I went into bizzarro mode. I had Einstein hair and a beard no mother could love.

Anyway, I’m back all showered and shaved. The old bedraggle guy is replaced with this extremely handsome young man. (Hey, it’s my blog. Let me live the fantasy.)

I’ll try to get at least a few posts out each week. Thanks to all you Leuk fighters for sticking with me.

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