Why I’m doing this blog

Hello. Thanks for reading this blog.

My name is Jim Smith. No, it’s not an alias, it’s my real name. There’s so many of us that someone actually started the Jim Smith Society. It apparently has a bazillion members.

I won’t be joining.

I have Leukemia type CLL, which I’m told stands for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. But I think it stands for Could’a Lived Longer.

Have you ever had someone you really didn’t want to become friends with show up at your doorstep unannounced? Perhaps it’s because he’s so needy and high-maintenance that you just can’t handle spending a great deal of time with him. But, the problem is, this visitor has no sense of when it’s time to leave.

Well, in September 2009, I had such a visitor. His name is Leuk (pronounced the same as ‘Luke’). Although I knew he’d arrived, for the first two years he was more like one of those invisible friends you have as a child. I didn’t feel any different. The doctor said I would not need treatment for awhile. So I went on with my life as if Leuk had never arrived.

But I guess he got tired of being ignored. In February, 2012, I was told my White blood cell count was gradually growing, It had doubled since ’09.

So I got to thinking I should write a blog about me and Leuk. After all, I’ve got a ton of questions about him and so I’m sure others living with him (or one of his meaner cousins) have questions too.

Since I’m just getting to know Leuk myself, I thought a journal of my walk with him might help my readers. And if anyone wants to add their wisdom along the way, feel free to comment on my rough hewn prose.

One thing I do know: I held my own with bullies in grade school, and there’s no way Leuk is getting by without a fight.

So let’s have a laugh or two at his expense while we poke him in the eye and tell him to take a hike.

Leuk, beware, my readers and I have it in for you.

PS – Not all entries are about me and Leuk. Some are just personal entries about my day with no mention of him. (I don’t want this blog to be a complete downer!)

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