A Refuge

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  1. Nellie says:

    That’s how I am on a horse.

    • Jim says:

      When I was 11 years old, I used to ride horses at Metter’s Riding Stables at Birch Bay. It’s long gone now. It’s hard to find riding stables anymore, probably too may worries about being sued.

      Anyway, my favorite horse was named Stockings. She had a colt that Mr. Metter often let follower her when we rode the trails. One day though the colt was left in the barn. Stockings and I had just reached the far end of Metter’s property when she suddenly decided it was time to check on her baby. She galloped full speed while I tried to hang on. Since the shortest distance between her and the barn was a straight line, she left the trails while I watch briar patches flying by.

      Well, at 11 years old holding on was not really an option. Down I went skinning up my back and knocking the breath out of me. (At least I’d missed the blackberry bushes.)

      I’ve ridden since then, but I have yet to give a horse it’s head. Maybe that’s why I took posting years later… It didn’t involve galloping!

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