Well, like my subtitle says, this is mostly an upbeat, but sometimes a downbeat, blog – last night was one of those downbeat times.

If anyone reading this has recently been diagnosed with leukemia, I hope you’ve found this site to be uplifting. But, I’ve also promised to be honest. Yesterday was a downer.

I work alone at night in a large, empty building. I like working alone, but the lack of distractions allows my mind to wonder.

I was mostly sad. I was remembering wonderful days from my past. Then a song came to me. (I write songs in my head sometimes.) This was a sentimental song about an old man remembering his past. Anyway, it got me feeling old. I started thinking of the things I would miss.

It turned into a real pity party. I don’t have many of those. I seldom give into Leuk that way. But last night I did.

You will too. It’s okay. Hell, it’s more than okay; it’s to be expected. But don’t give in and let days like that turn into weeks or months.

Every now and then I give Leuk a day. Not that he deserves any. But it happens.

Just make most of your days a celebration of the time you’re given.

Godspeed and hang on.

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