Trying to prepare for the Big Climb

Exercising for Big Climb to raise money to fight leukemia

At the gym today I managed to do my two miles on the treadmill but I couldn’t get my heart rate up to the usual 120-125 range. I was just too tired to push it that far. Just got a bit winded so I exercised at a slower pace getting my heart rate up to only 93 bpm. And, I only did 200 steps on the StairMaster. (It’s a different brand, not StairMaster, but similar.)

The previous time I exercised the routine went fine. I guess I just have to accept that some days will be better than others.

I’m not so sure it is the leukemia that slowed me down. The other factor is that I’m REALLY out of shape. Hopefully I’ll do better as I progress.

My red blood cell count is a little lower than normal, but not by much. My white blood cell count is much higher than a healthy person’s but relatively low as compared to other leukemia patients. (You can click on “Score Card” in the menu above for details on all my blood tests.)

So who knows. I’ll just keep push’n and hopefully not get so winded. I am trying hard to get back in shape for my upcoming Big Climb on March 25, 2018. I’ll be joining a crowd of 6,000 people climbing the stairs of the tallest building in Seattle. The event raises money for leukemia.

If you see a “Donate” button to the top right of this page it means I am still doing the climb. Please consider donating towards the fight against leukemia.

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