Thanks to the caregivers

Caring hands

Last Friday I exercised in the gym for 1-1/2 hours. The distractions of Summer had pulled me away so I quickly discovered just how out of shape I am! I’ve got a lot of treadmilling and Stairmastering to do between now and the Big Climb in March.

I am so blessed that my leukemia isn’t getting worse and I can still exercise. Sure, I huff and puff a bit more but as long as my blood results continue to stay where they are I should be fine.

I know some of you are struggling much harder with Leuk than I am. I don’t pretend to know everything you are going through. But we do share common feelings of worry about the unknown. What will become of you? How are your spouse and children doing with it all?

And for the caregivers, the wife or husband or friend, we all thank you for your patience and love. It’s a hell of a thing this leukemia. Some, like me, are still doing pretty well. But others not so much. I remember taking care of my father who was dying of lung cancer and then caring for my elderly mother. It wasn’t always easy. Let’s be honest, it was hard.

But you stand by us when we need you. My wife isn’t having to deal with a real sick man yet as I am doing okay. But I’m sure she has worries she doesn’t express. She is so patient and loving. And not only about my leukemia. Her forgiving heart has saved me when I’ve made stupid choices. I don’t think the English language has quite the right words for all that she means to me.

[photo by Rémi Walle]

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