Harbor Porpoise

Harbor Porpoise

We went sailing tonight. The water reflected the deep blue sky with only shallow waves.

There was no wind so we motored out then shut the outboard off, drifting for a couple hours. Two Harbor Porpoises swam by.

Then, as the sun set in the west and the mountains in the east turned pink, we headed back to port.

What a great Thursday evening in Puget Sound.

Even though Leuk is lurking around making me tired and threatening to get worse, moments like these make me so happy to be alive.

Life makes the fight against leukemia worth it. Whether you live in a city, a dessert, or by the water, take time to notice the good Earth we’ve been given.

I believe the good days, especially ones like these, give me strength to get through.

Some of my readers are at later stages in their leukemia than I am. But even if you are reading this in the hospital, the biggest blessing is your family. Cherish their love. Draw strength from it.

Remember to always fight Leuk. Find the blessings all around you. Leuk can’t beat a full heart.

Godspeed all.

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