Why the Trump Freakout?

Am I the only one that isn’t freaking out about Trump? I didn’t vote for the guy but geez, give him a chance. I’ll be the first to protest if he screws up but all this posturing won’t mean anything.

Maybe it’s my leukemia that gives me this perspective but I really don’t think all this panic is worth it. And the protests planned for Trumps inauguration… what’s that all about. He’s the President for god sake. Show some respect. I don’t recall anyone protesting or rioting any of the times that Democrats took the office.

Chill out people. Take it from me and Leuk, life is way too precious to be letting worry and fear take hold of you. Sure I’m worried about what a Trump presidency will be like but I’m not letting it ruin my days on this planet.

For crying out load, give the guy a chance before you start crying out loud.

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