They came and took her away yesterday. (See my previous post about how our sailboat got trashed.) We had many adventures in Puget Sound and she always got us home safely. Sucia, Patos, San Juan, and Stuart islands were our favorite spots. Our son even sailed with his wife and two year old son on the Canadian side to visit Pender Island.

Fargone was a Lancer 25 sailboat. It was 25 feet long with an 8 foot beam and had a fixed weighted keel. She was a steady, solid boat and a good friend.

You served us well girl. Thanks for the memories.

Here’s photos of how they managed to pick her up and haul her away:
BoatBye1_300 BoatBye2_300
BoatBye3_300 BoatBye4_300
BoatBye5_300 BoatBye6_300
BoatBye7_300 BoatBye8_300


Some of you may have read my posts on sailing, such as this, and this, and this. Well, a March wind has stopped all that. My poor little sailboat is no more.

We had 8 trees fall in a 67mph wind and one of them took her out. There is a certain irony in all this… the name of our boat was Fargone. Now it truly is Far Gone.

She was a good boat. It’s like losing a best friend. The good news is we had insurance. The bads new is she was totaled. I’ll miss her.

But… we hope to find another boat soon. It will have to be a fixer-upper because cash is tight. But I’ll be back out on the salt water soon.

Went sailing over the 4th of July weekend. Beautiful sail to Sucia; bright sky and smooth water. The trip back, however, involved navigating 3 to 5 foot waves.

But the island was like a sanctuary. Somehow the saltwater lowers my stress and all my worries are left on the beach. I was raised near the water and it’s just a part of me.

Not long after I was married, I nearly got a job in Idaho. No offense Idahoans, but I am soooo glad I didn’t get the job. I know you have some beautiful lakes, but fresh water just doesn’t cut it for me.

I’ll take the San Juan Islands, and the Salish Sea. God may visit other states, but this is where He lives.

Willie and I had a great trip to Roche Harbor on San Juan Island.


Panorama of the harbor



The first building that greets you as you come up the dock.



The chapel as view from the docks.



“Our Lady of Good Voyage Chapel”



Inside the chapel



The Hotel de Haro. A lot of famous people stayed here including John Wayne and President Teddy Roosevelt.



I’m not sure what the name of this twisted tree is. Anyone know?