Remember those posts I did about my “Occult fracture” and the “MRI”? Well, I haven’t yet mentioned the results. It was nothing as heal-able as a fracture. It wasn’t a fracture at all. I have arthritis in my hip.

What the heck? (Better known as WTF.) That’s supposed to be an old people’s disease. It’s really not all that bad and the pain comes and goes. On bad days it makes me limp a little and on good days I don’t feel it at all. In fact I have nothing to complain about really. It’s fairly mild.

But, geez. One more thing? Holy crap.

MRI machine

So. As some of you know, until Leuk causes symptoms, leukemia is an invisible disease. It’s easy to forget you have it. But, of course, it doesn’t take too long until a reminder shows up.

I had an MRI for an issue unrelated to my leukemia but apparently the test picked up more than just my hip problem. It was a single line in the report, almost an afterthought:

The bone marrow signal is abnormal but consistent with the clinical history of marrow infiltrative process/CLL.

Yeah. Hey guys, all I wanted was info on why my hip was hurting. I didn’t need the casual mention of Leuk lurking around in my bone marrow.

Really? No kidding. Thanks for the reminder.

Wow. Have you ever “OD’d” on drugs? I have a medication I take for a condition unrelated to my leukemia. I normally take one pill in the morning and one in the evening. I’m usually very careful about that but last weekend I was visiting my son and took a pill in the morning forgetting that I had taken one earlier.

The dizzies set in and I was nauseous. Had I been able to go to bed I probably could have ridden the thing out fine, but we were scheduled to drive home that day. So, I had to let my wife drive while I sat in the back, bowl in hand, and tried not to “toss my cookies” as my Mom used to say.

I tried to keep my eyes shut so the effects of the car’s motion would be lessened. However, since I usually drive that route home, my wife kept asking me to look out and see if she was in the correct lane and where to turn next.

Long story short, the cookies got tossed.

It was a miserable 100 mile drive but I somehow survived.

So, I’m thinking it is probably time to start using a pill box.

Here’s an update on a previous post:

The docs say my sore leg is not due to lymph nodes pinching off a nerve. Instead they think it may just be a small fracture from some sort of injury. It is what they call an “occult fracture”. The word ‘occult’ means hidden. In this case the fracture cannot be seen by my x-ray.

They are going to do an MRI to find the fracture or see if something else is causing the problem.

The good news is it sounds like it is something that will heal.

Sorry Leuk, you don’t get any credit for this one.

Cancer Center buildingToday I get to go see my cancer doc for my bi-annual check up. Oh joy. You know, just a few years back I would have never imagined myself going to a building called the Cancer Center. Jeez.

Anyway, in addition to my usual check up I’ll be discussing a new thing with my doctor. I have developed a limp from pain in my right leg. It has occurred off and on for a couple years but now it’s daily.

My GP (family doctor) says it could be caused by one of two things: either swollen lymph nodes in my groin (caused by my CLL) are pinching a nerve, or I have some bone degeneration. That’s a hell of a choice.

So, I had an x-ray yesterday and I should get the results soon. My GP and cancer doctors will be comparing notes.

Either way, bone degeneration or swollen lymph nodes, getting older and having leukemia at the same time is a pain in the butt… or, make that leg.