Just to lighten things up a bit, here’s a children’s story/poem I’m working on….

Animal Wisdom by Jim Smith © 2013

I saw a crazy bird flying’ upside down.
I said, “Hey, aren’t you worried you might hit the ground?”

He said, “No, cuz I’m looking up at the sky
and I like to look where I like to fly.
And who says I’m the one that’s upside down?
I’m lookin’ On High, you’re starin’ at the ground.

Then down the road a little bit later
was a laughin’, splashin’ alligator.
He made so much noise all the fish swam away.
I said, “Hey, aren’t you worried you won’t eat today

He said, “Naw, I’ll have dinner a little bit later
Ain’t you never seen a happy alligator?”

And then I saw a big woolly lion
He was flappin’ his arms and tryin’ to fly.
I said, ‘Hey crazy lion you know you can’t fly?”

He said, “Maybe not, but I’m willing to try.
You know, man thinks he knows what can’t be done
so he never tries, and that’s half the fun.

An elephant was sittin’ on a log
Just starin’ at the stars and talkin’ about God.
I said “Hey, how do you know God is real?”

He said, “I’ve got a big heart and I know what I feel.”

He said, “The gator and the bird and the lion too
They all had something to say to you.
You’ll be full of joy if you look On High
But you’ll never know, if you never try.”