Had a good doctor visit yesterday. It turns out my vertigo is caused by a problem with my right ear and not leukemia, a tumor, or some other horrid thing. She has given me a prescription for a very low dose of Valium. I won’t be taking it often – only if I feel a major spell coming on. Apparently the Valium fiddles with the spot in my brain that handles stability so I can go on with my day. And she said the dosage is so low it won’t make me drowsy.

My only question is, why didn’t they figure this out sooner?

I still have the leukemia and the cause of the vertigo is not fixed, but I can actually get on with my life without tipping over!

I just had a visit with my oncologist. (Geez, I never thought I’d have the words “I” and “oncologist” in the same sentence!)

As my Score Card shows, my white blood cell count (WBC) has steadily climbed and is now at 54.6 (normal is 4 – 11). He doesn’t see a reason to treat yet. He says treatment is not usually considered until the numbers hit 400,000 to 500,000. (My 54.6 represents 54,600.)*

The doc told me that treatment can start earlier if I’m having problems with fatigue or other symptoms. He also reminded me that chemotherapy treatments are not a cure. They simply attempt to lower the WBC and relieve symptoms.

Yeh, like I really wanted to be reminded.

The really fun news is he wants me to have a bone marrow biopsy next year – oh joy. I’ve heard those are a bit painful. When I asked him, he wryly replied, “well, they’re really no problem for the doctor – just the patient.” (Just my luck, a comedian for a doctor.)

They can anesthetize the flesh, but not the bone. I wonder which of the 206 he’ll be drilling into.

So, anyway, that’s the latest. As I see it, I’m still walkin’, talkin’, smiling’ and above ground.

All is good.