It’s a new year and I’m packed jam full with resolutions.

I’m doing the Big Climb again. This will be my third year at it. (I’ll have more about that in other posts.) If I’m going to make it up that building I have to get going on another goal: restart my gym workout!

I’m going to finish the drawings for my children’s book which I wrote several years ago but never got around to finishing.

My novel is in its second draft and has been sitting around waiting for me to get real with it again. So I’m diving back into it too.

I’m still practicing the drums, although I’m no longer in a band. Hopefully by year’s end I’ll feel more confident hitting the skins and can start looking to form a band again.

Of course I have my blogs to write. I currently have two and am starting a third.

Okay, I know that all seems like a lot and I may not reach all of these goals. But I think there is a good chance I’ll complete most of them.

Leuk is still here threatening me but I’m going to use him as motivation to get things done. The last thing I want is to leave this planet without having accomplished my plans. At the very least I want to get that damn novel published, get my body back into good shape, climb the Columbia Building in Seattle, do the children’s book, be successful with my blogs, and master the drums.

Oh, I guess that was everything. Perhaps what I meant by “at the very least” was to get all of the above goals done.

Anyway, it’s a good day, I feel good. And the future, no matter how long I have, looks great.

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My cold is getting better. Looks like my immune system is still working!

I skipped my usual blood test since I figured having it done when I have a cold would just throw off the result because it would show too may white blood cells due to the cold infection.

I’m not sure if that is true but I have time before my next doctor appointment so I’ll have the blood test done next month.

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Snow on evergreen treeI hope you all had a Merry Christmas. I’m posting this on Boxing Day because I’ve been away for the season seeing family and away from my computer.

My Christmas was great. We celebrated my son’s birthday and then watched his boys (my grandchildren) for three days relieving him and his wife to do a little traveling. When they got back we exchanged Christmas presents on the eve of Christmas eve. Then traveled back home to spend Christmas with our daughter’s family.

I’ve always appreciated my family. I’ve always loved them. But the leukemia has made my family all the more important to me. Time with them takes precedence over everything.

And guess what. Throughout the whole season I didn’t think of Leuk once. Well, maybe a little bit when I came down with this darn cold. It’s always a little freaky catching a cold when you know your immune systems isn’t what it used to be. But I seem to be getting better so all is well.

Anyway, I hope Christmas was good for you too.


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I saw a relative of mine at a family Christmas party. He also has CLL. His progressed faster than mine with swollen lymph nodes and tiredness. Because of these symptoms he had chemotherapy and is in remission.

He decided to retire early next year. He will be 62 years old which is the soonest you can retire for Social Security. Waiting until he is older would mean a larger check but spending more time with his family and enjoying the years he has left is more important to him.

I did the same thing.

As many of you know, leukemia has a way of giving you a new perspective. When I was younger (and before Leuk showed up) I was a bit of a workaholic. I loved my job but I love my family more. Also, this retirement thing has given me the time to do all the stuff I put off when working, like writing, photography, etc. But most importantly, I have time for my grand children, my wife, my adult children and their spouses.

These are the things that matter.

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Snow fallingLast couple of days I’ve been pretty lethargic. Not sure if it’s the leukemia or if I’m just a lazy lout. Doing great today though.

It snowed last night. It’s about an inch deep which is no big deal, at least not to long-time natives of my state. I’m guessing a lot of new people have moved up here from California because some of them are driving like its summertime. Last week when it snowed I saw five cars spun off the road. And that was just within a one mile stretch. Accidents were occurring throughout the day.

Well, it ain’t summertime. If they’d just slow down and use their breaks as seldom as possible they’d be fine. A lot of these fair-weather drivers don’t know to slow down before entering a curve and to not brake while turning.

Maybe I should move to California and drive slow likes it’s an icy winter day… that would drive them nuts too.

Anyway, wherever you are I hope your winter is going fine.

Merry Christmas.

PS – Here’s some tips for driving in the snow.

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