Now I have three doctors looking into my dizziness issues. “Dizzy” isn’t really an accurate description. It’s a little hard to find words to explain it. A slight headache sometimes, but mostly a loss of balance and occasionally nausea.

It doesn’t happen every day. I take over-the-counter meclizine (same stuff you use to prevent sea sickness). It usually works if I take it an hour before I have symptoms. But, of course, that means I’m taking it almost every day since I don’t know if a problem will happen that day.

So, my family doctor, my neurologist, and an ENT (ear/nose/throat) doctor are all communicating with each other. It’s seems I am a bit of an anomaly.

A physical therapist sent me to the ENT doc because her testing was inconclusive and she wasn’t sure she could help me.

The ENT is doing blood tests but he isn’t sure of the cause.

My neurologist is going to have me take a nerve test. But he’s not sure either because the physical tests he performed gave conflicting results.

And, my family doctor is coordinating the effort but remains unsure of the cause.

Turns out I’m a bit of a conundrum to all of them. Story of my life… I’ve always liked being different from the crowd, but this is taking uniqueness a bit too far!

But, as Popeye used to say… “I am what I am and that’s all what I am.”

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Storm hit today… no it’s not a metaphor… a real storm hit. Not a big one, but winds were strong enough that I decided to check out my boat. It’s moored in a very protected corner of the harbor so all was well.

It’s a gray day outside, but not to worry, I’m feeling good. Had a little dizzy episode this morning. Rested awhile, took my ‘dizzy pills,’ waited for it to subside, and then got on with my day.

Got a fair amount done. Not as much as I’d hoped; the dizzies took up most of my morning. But my attitude is good.

I’m headed home now to watch a movie with my wife. I’m thinking it’s a good idea to spend time with her. Time after all is our most valuable asset.

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Today is a good one. Got lots of work done for a client. Feel great.

I guess Leuk’s taking a break for now. Maybe my tired downer the last two days was just that – a regular old downer that even ‘normal’ people get.

Its hard to guess where I’m at… what is caused by Leuk and what is just me? Its not worth thinking the former and a lot more reassuring to think the latter.

I don’t know if anyone who has leukemia is reading this blog yet. I hope so. Just know that you are not alone. Your world isn’t ending. You have today. Leuk isn’t taking today away from you. And today is all anyone has – even those he isn’t visiting.

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Feeling more tired lately. Will be doing another blood test in May… I think I’d rather keep my head stuck firmly in the sand!

But not getting down. Instead I’m focusing of the ‘now’ of my life. And ‘now’ is looking pretty good. It appears our old band Vision might be getting back together. We’ll probably not be doing the prisons like before; no one has the energy anymore (tell me about it!!).

They are a great group of friends. I hope it works out. If it does, we’ll be playing church/charity benefits and the local homeless mission.

We’ll see. Either way I intend to keep busy. It helps to be distracted.

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