I just got my blood test back. Good news. It has dropped a little to 59.1. That’s not much, but I’ll take what I can get. It is too soon to tell if the vitamin D3 I’ve been taking has contributed to this or if it is just a fluctuation blip.

Anywho, you can check it out on my Score Card page. There is a chart at the bottom of the page that shows my overall progress since 2009. If you click on the chart you will get a larger image.

Bye for now.

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Not feeling too well today. Nothing specific except that I am tired and having trouble focusing. I had work that needed doing today and I’ve not done any of it. Even this blog has been neglected. I just feel empty.

I’m not looking for sympathy. It’s just that I promised from the beginning I’d try to be honest about what’s going on. So this is where I’m at right now.

I know things will pick up tomorrow.

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I wrote my real estate clients and told them I was “retiring” from the real estate photography business. It was getting to be too much health wise. Also, each job took too many hours to make much with the current market prices.

I have two interior designers and one architect who occasionally need me so I’ll stick with them. I can charge more for each job and, more importantly right now, they don’t need me as often as the real estate clients did.

But I’m still working. I’m doing a webpage and some other marketing. I am also looking for other sources of work-at-home income. Thank God for my wife and her job at the university. She has a great health insurance plan too, so that helps.

None of this means I’m feeling worse. I just get a bit more tired. I’m at that stage where you’re not sure if you need more rest or if you’re just being lazy.

Come to think of it I’m probably being lazy and loving it. Shhhh… don’t tell my wife, she thinks I’m sick!

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Yay! I’m online at home. The dish just got set up. It took me awhile to get my computer to recognize the wireless connection but I got it going. Actually, I’m not sure exactly what I did to make it happen, but things seem to be working.

Now I can write and post blogs when ever I want and not be tied to the local coffee shop’s hours!

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I’m finally getting internet access at my home… at great cost!

You see, I live in a black hole. None of the land based ISP’s come out to me (we live in the sticks). So, with the type of things I use the internet for, the only solution is satellite. I’ve chosen Exede but there are other companies available like Hughes. It sounds cool because you are actually working with an orbiting satellite. But don’t go that way unless you can’t get anything else. It will bruise you wallet.

Until now I’ve had to go to a local coffee shop or library to get online. Not too handy when I’m not feeling good or want to post a blog at nighttime. It gets installed this coming Monday, so my home will finally be in the 21st century.

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