This might be a little off-topic but I’ve gotta say it.

It’s not often that I find myself disagreeing with conservatives. This time I sternly disagree.

The president of Western Washington University used the word “white” when stating that the school was not racially diverse enough. He was saying that Western needed more minorities and it was the challenge of colleges and universities to do so.

He was speaking in favor of ethnic diversity, not against it. Many are referring to Martin Luther King’s comment that we should be judged by the content of our character and not the color of our skin. That, of course, is absolutely true. And the president of WWU would totally support that statement.

Many say the use of the word “white” goes against what Dr. King stood for, and yet Dr. King himself often used the words “black”, “white” and “colored man” to make his points. Are we saying that Dr. King was a racist?

This controversy over the president’s comments is ludicrous. There are practical times when we need to differentiate between races in order to communicate the evils of racism.

We need to define the meaning of the word racist.  I grew up in the 60’s when racism was very real and often violent. Some “white” people were violently opposed to integration and thought the white race was superior. In my last sentence am I ‘racist’ because I use the term ‘white’?

It is interesting that many liberals are siding with me on this. We have a conservative politician up here who is calling for the president’s resignation. In this “controversy” I think the conservatives are “whackos.”

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I woke up this morning realizing I’ve been on this planet for 62 years. I’m not sure what the heck happened. Yesterday I’m dancing with my girlfriend to White Rabbit, today I’m married to her with two adult children and three grand children.

I’m very lucky getting my leukemia at this late age. CLL is usually, but not always, a slow moving disease. Since I’m in my later years, I might even beat Leuk to the deadline (pun intended).

But I’ve met young folks on Twitter who are suffering with leukemia. They’re too young. When most kids are dancing to what-ever-band-is-in-now, they are having chemo and spending time in hospitals and worrying about their future. A future that Leuk is trying to deny them.

But they are brave. Their tweets (posts) are mostly upbeat. They talk about regular teenage stuff mixed in with their leukemia worries.

In the late 1960’s a girl in our high school, Lynda, died from leukemia. She was smart, beautiful, a cheerleader, and one of those quiet personalities that made you glad she was there. She would have graduated near the top of her class. But she didn’t make it.

In her Junior year she was gone.

Leukemia in young people is a hateful thing. I wonder sometimes what sort of vast, eternal plan would allow it.

But kids are resilient. They are good fighters. If their loved ones help hold them up and if their faith is strong, many will beat Leuk.  And some will not.

We need to pray for them – these young kids forced to grow up quicker than most. Their only struggles should have been the wonderful, awkward, tangled up mess of teenage life;  not worrying about a terminal disease.

To these young people fighting Leuk I say this: Don’t give up. Face him head on. Fight the good fight.

And win.

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As I mentioned in an earlier blog, my doctor agrees with me that my meds may have been causing the vertigo problems. He has reduced my dosage to see if that helps. Since I’ve lowered my meds, I’ve gone 6 days now without any major vertigo problems. I felt a couple “tinges,” but it seems better.

I’m not saying I’m cured of the vertigo, but so far so good. I’m also trying to take my morning and evening doses 12 hours apart to allow the maximum time between them. This seems to help.

Otherwise, things are going well. I’m getting started on fixing up the boat for this season. Today I’m going to remove the old decals – we’re changing the name. I also hope to do more on the boat if I have the energy.

Boating season is just a couple weeks away, so I better get busy.

Leuk has been good to me. I’m tired less often and feel good. That’s not counting a major cold that wiped me out for several days, but I can’t blame that on him. Although, I haven’t caught a cold in years, so it makes me wonder if Leuk has lowered my resistance a bit. Not sure. Anyway, I’m fine now.

Btw, I hope you all like my new blog design. It is a radical departure from the previous one, but I thought it was time to update it. As long as I don’t have any technical difficulties with it, I’ll hang onto it.

Take care.

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clownThere is a new item in the top menu called “Pungasms.” It’s a list of puns and jokes to lighten your load.

Red Skelton, a famous comedian, once said, “Don’t take life too seriously, because you never get out of it alive.”

I think we need laughter, especially when we are sick. My philosophy is: cry a little, laugh a lot.

So I hope you enjoy this new feature.

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