Tonight I went down to the docks to tinker on the boat. There was no wind so it gave me a chance to raise the main sail and work on an issue I was having with the boom. I also blew up our dingy.

We’re getting ready for a sail this coming 4th of July weekend. We’ll be spending the 4th with family and then sailing to Sucia Island the next day. She’s an old boat, but solid… and it floats which is always handy when you’re on the water.

It was 9:00pm, the air had cooled. The marina was quiet with very few people. I love the cool Summer evenings down there.

Driving home it hit me how lucky my wife and I are. We live in the woods and have access to the sea. We have a very small house; it’s just the right size for the two of us. (It only takes about 20 minutes to clean.)

I feel good for now. Whatever time I have doesn’t really matter. It’s living now that matters. Realizing how wonderful our time together is. The smell of the forest and the smell of the sea remind me of that every day.

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DanceToday was great. It feels like a new life since I’ve gotten rid of the vertigo; I got a whole lot done.

I’m getting my photography business going again. When the vertigo hit so hard, I had to call my clients and tell them I was quitting.

But now I’ve told them I’m back in the saddle again. Their response was great. One woman, an interior design client, upon hearing I could take photos for her said, “I’m doing my happy dance.” That cracked me up and made my day.

I also finished my new website. It shows off my work in full-screen format. If you want to see it, go to

Oh, today I also contacted my clients to tell them I was raising my rates. I heard back from a realtor who is one of my biggest clients and she was fine with the raise. Yay!

So all is well.

I guess I’m doing my happy dance too!

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drummerI’m practicing my drumming again. Since my vertigo issues seem to be beat, I might go for a gig with a church or other venue.

I taught myself basic drumming when I once played for a christian band, but now I want to learn more seriously. So I bought a set of good lesson DVDs called the Drumming System and I’m trying to put in an hour each day.

I was never real proficient on the drums so I’m hoping this effort will make me more comfortable and better at keeping time.

Right now I’m learning how to count 32nd notes and reviewing music notation and theory.

It’s fun to be hitting the skins again.

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My lab tests for June 3 are in. Actually I was supposed to get them done in May… but someone procrastinated.

The numbers are up a bit but not a huge amount. The Lymphocyte count is higher, but still below the overall White Blood Cell count. That’s a good thing (see this post).

I am a bit concerned that the Lymphocyte count is closer to the White Blood Cell count than it was last time. The previous test showed a 7.7 difference. This time it is only 4.4. This is just one test though. Chances are there will be a better spread in the numbers next time.

My Red Blood Cells and Platelets are still in the normal range and always have been.

Overall I’m pleased. If things can stay relatively the same there is a chance I can wait a few more years for treatment. Promising new treatments will soon be available.

You can check out my lab test history and see a summary chart on my “Score Card” page.

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We finally got in the water last Friday. The boat was launched from a town about 30 miles from our home port. We’d planned on sailing as soon as she hit the water and then camping overnight on Sucia Island on the way home, but there was more tinkering to get done and the evening was drawing near.

We slept in the boat overnight and sailed Saturday morning. Since we lost yesterday, we didn’t have time to go to the island. So we sailed the 30 miles directly home. We didn’t actually sail; I wasn’t doing so well, so we motored home.

No matter though. The skies were clear and the day was warm. The fresh salt air and the movement of the boat felt good.

There’s something about the water that lowers the blood pressure. It took a little while but, just like our boat, my stress floated away.

I was raised by the saltwater. It’s part of me. It felt good to be home again.

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