BeaverSometimes things just present themselves.

My grandson, Joshua, needed something for show and tell at his school. He couldn’t think of anything he wanted to show. Truth be told, he really didn’t want to show anything at all.

I tried to help him think about things he likes to do but nothing was coming to mind. Then we went outside to check out a beaver dam in my ditch.

EndChewedSuddenly we had our answer; a small branch the beaver had chewed off and stripped the bark. We cleaned it up and then went on line and printed out info on beavers.

Afi (Grandpa) saved the day!. The Show & Tell problem was solved. Well, actually I’m afraid I took away Josh’s excuse for not doing the show and tell.
Sorry, Josh.

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Willie and I had a great trip to Roche Harbor on San Juan Island.


Panorama of the harbor



The first building that greets you as you come up the dock.



The chapel as view from the docks.



“Our Lady of Good Voyage Chapel”



Inside the chapel



The Hotel de Haro. A lot of famous people stayed here including John Wayne and President Teddy Roosevelt.



I’m not sure what the name of this twisted tree is. Anyone know?


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