Blood Count Chart May 2015I’ve updated my Score Card page. The most current lab test was a bit discouraging but not horrendous.

My White Blood Cell count had been on a plateau in the lower 60’s from November 2013 through February 2015. But my May 2015 test saw it jump up to 70. My Lymphocytes followed the WBC upwards so that they are now at 63.

This is only one test though so hopefully my next test in August will have a lower WBC count.

I’ve been more tired than usual these last few months, but then I haven’t been exercising either. After the Seattle Stair Climb I guess I lost motivation. These new labs have gotten me re-motivated though!

Maybe the gym and eating better will give me better numbers.

(You can click the chart image above to get a larger view.)

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Columbia Tower in SeattleWell, this is it… The “Big Climb” I talked about in my last post is happening this Sunday (March 22). My son and I are trudging up the Columbia Tower in Seattle – 778 vertical feet! That’s it in the photo. It’s the tallest building in Seattle.

Actually, we’re not the only ones. We and 6,000 others are making the climb to help raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the research for curing blood cancers.

All proceeds benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Please support the cause by going to and clicking donate. Type in my name (Jim Smith) and make your donation. Thanks for supporting me in the fight against blood cancers!

Btw, although the climb is this Sunday (March 22), they are receiving funds until April 1.

Thanks for supporting the fight against blood cancers!

If you want to see a video about The Big Climb, click here.


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Hi all.

On March 22nd I’ll be climbing the tallest building in Seattle with my son. We’ll be trudging up 1311 steps, 778 vertical feet, to the top of the Columbia tower.

Why in world would a 63 year old man gasp his way to the top of such a tall building? We’re raising funds for leukemia. All proceeds benefit The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS). Please support me by going to and clicking donate. Type in my name and then donate to my cause.

Thanks for supporting me in the fight against blood cancers!

For more info and a video go here.

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Feeling better today. Plan to make a garbage run, clean the house, get ready for a shoot tomorrow, write blog posts for both blogs, and go to Costco (not so happy about that one).

I’ll also be doing my blood test today. I was supposed to do it in November but I had a cold/cough which naturally raises anyone’s white blood cell count. I didn’t want to skew the results.

So, that’s it. Short post today. See you next week.

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Not feeling up to snuff today but I’m getting a lot of writing in. I have another blog I’m doing in addition to this one. My “Me and Leuk” blog is pretty much a personal journal. My new blog “Nonlinear Brain” is a more aggressive and, of course, brilliant commentary on politics, religion, society, and anything else I care to spout off about.

The title, Nonlinear Brain, refers to my Attention Deficit Disorder, so don’t expect any continuity. Having A.D.D. means I don’t have to think in a straight line and I like that.

Take a look if you like. Since I am a conservative libertarian there are posts that liberals won’t like and others that will annoy conservatives. But I think both sides need a little reality kick in the head every now and then.

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