Hi everyone,

Well I haven’t posted since last month. Sorry about that but I’ve been dug deep into finishing my book. I’m finally finished with my third draft and now it goes to a copy editor to help with the final polishing… you know, plot, grammar, spelling, etc. It feels kind of like handing a paper into my teacher and hoping there won’t be too much red ink on it when I get it back.

Anyway I haven’t forgotten you. You’d think I could have taken time to write a couple of small posts but I’m afraid my head gets hyper-focused sometimes.

I’m hoping to be a bit better balanced while writing my next one.

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Car stuck in snow

February, as usual, decided to give us a last blast of Winter before Spring. Now I don’t mind the snow, my wife and I enjoy how beautiful the yard looks all covered in a white blanket… Ahem… probably because it covers all the stuff I was supposed to clean up last Fall.

But my admiration for the white stuff vanished when I got stuck in our driveway. We don’t have a normal kind of suburban driveway. We live in the country. Ours is about 500 feet long and dips down into a gully then climbs up to the road.

This wouldn’t have been a problem when the snow was, well, snow. But it was melting into slush which means there was very little traction. I was stupid to even try to go anywhere. I should have stayed home. But, oh no, the macho man in me took over; I could do it… no problem.

Yea right.

Tow truck stuck in snowThree hours later the tow truck came and as you can see, he got stuck too. Finally, after four hours and $400, I was pulled free. Yes, that’s right… $400!!!! AAA sure earned it’s fee that day.

So I’ve had my car parked near the road for a couple days. The weather has turned now with temperatures in the upper 40’s so I should be able to get the car back home.

Please, Spring, get here soon.

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Apple computer closed

Wow. Something got into me yesterday. I spent nearly eight hours writing my book. Eight hours! That’s like working at a “real” job. I am so close to being done. There are still some inconsistencies in the story that need fixing but the whole story is complete now.

You could say I’m on my third draft. I need to do some editing, have a professional editor look at it, come up with good cover art, and market it through Amazon. I took way longer than needed to write this thing but then again it was my first book and I was learning as I went along.

Now this isn’t going to be one of those classics you were forced to read in high school. It’s no Hemingway. I’m a long way from writing anything brilliant, but I think it is entertaining enough.

I may not make much money on this one but it has served to give me a better feel about how to write a book. It’s a small one – only around 22,000 words. I was shooting for 50,000 but the story didn’t seem to need it.

Anyway, point is, I am pursuing a dream I’ve had most of my life but didn’t take it on because I had other commitments. I retired early because of health reasons so now I have the time and the gumption to actually write.

That’s not quite true. I did do some writing back then. I wrote a weekly column for our local paper and did some news releases and ad copy. But I never took on something as hefty as a book.

What do you want to do with the remainder of your life? Even though Leuk is in your life now, do you still have things you’d like to accomplish?

In the past I have had depression issues but that was years ago. I find that focusing on a goal, being involved in life in some way, keeps me well away from the rabbit hole.

So I hope you keep busy too. Maybe you cook, or read, or write poems, or play drums, or color in one of those cool adult coloring books. It doesn’t matter what you do just do something. Don’t let Leuk take center stage because that’s exactly where he wants to be. It’s up to you to put him in his place.


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I’ve had that dizziness for the last three days. It went away when they discovered it was being caused by a medication overdose. I don’t have that problem anymore so this must be for another reason. I have not been getting enough sleep lately so perhaps that’s it. I am refusing to believe Leuk is doing it.

Regardless of the dizzies I’m sitting at my desk writing. I figure I can’t fall down if I’m not standing up LOL. Speaking of LOL, I’m not really Laughing Out Loud, just smiling. Maybe there should be an SAL (Smiling A Little).

So, here I go. After this post I’m hitting the book. I hope to write at least 1,000 words today which isn’t much. I should write a lot more than that. We’ll see how it goes.

The snow is still thick outside so I’m not going anywhere which means I have no excuse to not write. Writing is a strange task. At times you really want to do it and at other times it seems like a chore.

So for now I’ll give you Spock’s immortal words:

Live Long and Proper

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A bottle of cougar urine

I was cleaning out my office and guess what I found…

Yes it really is cougar pee. Back when I was having trouble with beavers invading my property I had big hopes for this stuff. I planned on spreading it around the ditch where they build their dam in order to scare them away.

But then I read the warning label: “May attract other Cougars”.

Wisely I decided to not use it. The question is what do I do with it now?

Perhaps an even more interesting question is how exactly do they collect the stuff? This in not synthetic. It’s the real thing. So, they buy a sample cup from a medical supply house then walk up to the cougar and say ‘please give me a sample’?

Whomever does this job I hope they’re paying him enough.

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