Remember those posts I did about my “Occult fracture” and the “MRI”? Well, I haven’t yet mentioned the results. It was nothing as heal-able as a fracture. It wasn’t a fracture at all. I have arthritis in my hip.

What the heck? (Better known as WTF.) That’s supposed to be an old people’s disease. It’s really not all that bad and the pain comes and goes. On bad days it makes me limp a little and on good days I don’t feel it at all. In fact I have nothing to complain about really. It’s fairly mild.

But, geez. One more thing? Holy crap.

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Wow. Have you ever “OD’d” on drugs? I have a medication I take for a condition unrelated to my leukemia. I normally take one pill in the morning and one in the evening. I’m usually very careful about that but last weekend I was visiting my son and took a pill in the morning forgetting that I had taken one earlier.

The dizzies set in and I was nauseous. Had I been able to go to bed I probably could have ridden the thing out fine, but we were scheduled to drive home that day. So, I had to let my wife drive while I sat in the back, bowl in hand, and tried not to “toss my cookies” as my Mom used to say.

I tried to keep my eyes shut so the effects of the car’s motion would be lessened. However, since I usually drive that route home, my wife kept asking me to look out and see if she was in the correct lane and where to turn next.

Long story short, the cookies got tossed.

It was a miserable 100 mile drive but I somehow survived.

So, I’m thinking it is probably time to start using a pill box.

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compulsion to writeWell, after that last post (The unspoken temptation) I thought a less heavy one would be in order today.

Somewhere in this blog I wrote a post about having a purpose. If you find something you are passionate about and work towards it you will find your attention taking a 180 from Leuk. It helps to get your thoughts away from him and your brain back in gear.

My passion, or at least it’s more than a favorite hobby, is writing. I write two blogs, this one and another that has nothing at all to do with Leuk called NonlinearBrain. I don’t do posts every day for either of them but I do try to keep them as fresh as possible.

I am also working on a novel. Most of my adult life I was “writing a book” of some kind. I started several ideas for several novels but never got more than a few chapters in on each of them. I guess I thought I was too busy and couldn’t find the time. More often than not I just felt discouraged and quit.

Funny thing though, when Leuk came along I was suddenly motivated. It’s the one good thing he did for me. I’ve completed my first draft. It is very rough and full of holes as first drafts often are, but the concept is completed. That’s further than I’ve ever gotten before. Now I am diving into the challenging task of writing the second draft. This one is a lot more work for some reason, but I’m plowing ahead.

I’m not saying I ‘love’ writing. Sometimes writing can be very hard work – oddly exhausting for a project being done from a chair. I guess you could say I have a love/hate relationship with writing. Actually, I can’t say I love writing at all. It is more of a compulsion really. Something I am driven to do. If any of you are writers than I’m guessing you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Now, I’m no where near as prolific as Hemingway. I’m also a whole lot less talented. But that doesn’t matter. The important thing is I am doing something. I have a long-term goal and it is keeping me a lot more positive and less involved with Leuk.

So, let me suggest, what ever you’re interested in doing, do it.

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I woke up this morning realizing I’ve been on this planet for 62 years. I’m not sure what the heck happened. Yesterday I’m dancing with my girlfriend to White Rabbit, today I’m married to her with two adult children and three grand children.

I’m very lucky getting my leukemia at this late age. CLL is usually, but not always, a slow moving disease. Since I’m in my later years, I might even beat Leuk to the deadline (pun intended).

But I’ve met young folks on Twitter who are suffering with leukemia. They’re too young. When most kids are dancing to what-ever-band-is-in-now, they are having chemo and spending time in hospitals and worrying about their future. A future that Leuk is trying to deny them.

But they are brave. Their tweets (posts) are mostly upbeat. They talk about regular teenage stuff mixed in with their leukemia worries.

In the late 1960’s a girl in our high school, Lynda, died from leukemia. She was smart, beautiful, a cheerleader, and one of those quiet personalities that made you glad she was there. She would have graduated near the top of her class. But she didn’t make it.

In her Junior year she was gone.

Leukemia in young people is a hateful thing. I wonder sometimes what sort of vast, eternal plan would allow it.

But kids are resilient. They are good fighters. If their loved ones help hold them up and if their faith is strong, many will beat Leuk.  And some will not.

We need to pray for them – these young kids forced to grow up quicker than most. Their only struggles should have been the wonderful, awkward, tangled up mess of teenage life;  not worrying about a terminal disease.

To these young people fighting Leuk I say this: Don’t give up. Face him head on. Fight the good fight.

And win.

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Yay! I’m online at home. The dish just got set up. It took me awhile to get my computer to recognize the wireless connection but I got it going. Actually, I’m not sure exactly what I did to make it happen, but things seem to be working.

Now I can write and post blogs when ever I want and not be tied to the local coffee shop’s hours!

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