About the Categories

At the top of each post, next to the date line, you will notice one or more categories. Not all posts are about me and leuk. Some are just personal entries about my day. On the sidebar you’ll find a “Categories” list. Click on any one of them to access specific posts.

Here’s an explanation of each:

  • Me and Leuk: The ups and downs of living with Leuk
  • Just Me: Daily events that have nothing to do with Leukemia – only me
  • Just Leuk: Information about leukemia
  • Thoughts: Anything that falls out of my brain, brilliant or not
  • Poems, Prose, and other Writings: A collection of writings. Some have to do with Leuk and others are just for the fun of writing
  • Good Memories: Fun, sometimes sentimental, memories
  • Humour: It helps to laugh
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